Friday, July 9, 2010

Satomi Ishihara Behaving Inappropriately on Japan National TV

Satomi Ishihara is a Japanese actress who is quite famous, she recently guested on a Japanese TV talk show called 5LDK from a very well known Japanese idol group Tokio which is under the management of Johnny & Associates. In a specific part of the show Satomi Ishihara is explaining her naughty habit of sitting in a very unladylike positions, like spreading her legs when she is in the dressing room. So in whatever way you will look at the next situation, the hosts are kind enough to ask her to show one of her unladylike sitting positions, and there you have it, immortalized on the screen cap above. Personally, there's nothing wrong with it, like the perfect position of the glass in the above picture, the facial expressions of the hosts (the face of the guy on the right is just, priceless.) and the fact that the above picture is now spreading like wild fire all over the internet, there is still nothing wrong with it. This is one of Satomi Ishihara's golden moments in Japanese national television in my opinion. Check out the video of it below.


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