Thursday, March 25, 2010

5 Sakura Songs by Vocaloid

5 Sakura Songs by Vocaloid? First let me explain what a Vocaloid is.Vocaloid is a vocal-synthesizing software developed and released by Yamaha back in 2004. If you still don't get it, it is basically a non-human voice creation software. I hope I made that clear. This brilliant piece of software has been used mainly to give a distinct voice to anything you can image. Including but not limited to an anime character, an action figure, vending machine, vehicles, doors, pillows, alarm clocks, home appliances and unicorns. Scratch that last one, it just popped up in my mind. But seriously, a talking unicorn? that's would be pure awesomeness! That's a lot of uses for the Vocaloid software but of course the Japanese has a much better use for it turn an inanimate figure into a pop star! Well sort of since it can only sing those ballad-ish songs inspired by the sakura tree( that's cherry blossoms in English). Two of this Vocaloid singers are Kaito the first version and Hatsune Miku. Interested? check out the in depth article. 

via Muza-Chan's Gate to Japan

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